Turkey Smash Signups.

Hello All!

I have a message from our Coach:

“I have just been informed that the UKMVB officers have been summoned by the clubsports director to discuss the fact that participants have been seen drinking alcohol on security footage during Pumpkin Smash. This is an issue which UK takes very seriously, and we will be lucky to escape without loosing our gym use privileges, which of course directly impacts our ability to run tournaments to fund the club. I am posting this here as a general plea to the volleyball community at large that if you value tournaments like turkeysmash, that you please help us repsect, police and enforce the UK campus’s no drinking policy — that is, assuming we can talk Mark into letting us run turkeysmash. Thank you very much. — Isaac Wong, coach of UKMVB”

We are meeting later this week to discuss the events that took place during Pumpkin Smash, and hopefully we can still host TurkeySmash.

With that said here is the sign up for Turkey Smash (Nov 19th and 20th). There is no guarantee that the tournament will happen until we have our meeting, but I wanted to get the sign up out there as promised. The sign up also has the typical information about the tournament on it as well.


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