Spring Smash Results and End of Year

Congratulations to our Spring Smash Champions. Check out the photos of the winners below!

As most of you know our season has ended. We had lots of ups and downs this year and we finished at nationals with a winning record of 4-3, Dropping games to the overall AA Champion UCLA and the AA Silver Champion West Virginia. We had lots of fun and already are making plans to go to Dallas for nationals next year!

Next year we will only lose 1 player. We are sad to see him go and he has contributed to the team immensely, but that also means we are returning 15 players, which is exciting. We also have several interesting prospects coming in, that we know of, and more that we haven’t met yet. If you are coming to UK or interested in playing with us send an email here or here. The club is in a good place to move forward and make new strides, which all starts with our newly elected officers:

President: Shane Derringer
Vice President: Eric Gruner
Treasurer: Jay Hochstetler
Tournament Directer: Jon Wood

With all of the old officers returning to play as well, things should run pretty smoothly for us as a club.

Our next hosted Adult tournament will be Pumpkin Smash in October, then our Turkey Smash in late November. This year we are planning for Turkey Smash to continue to grow and we are looking into getting more court space and sponsors. Look for the signups for those tournaments to come out around September. If you are looking for places to play around Lexington, check out the Lexington Volleyballer’s Facebook Page.

Thank you to all of the teams that supported us by playing in our tournaments, thank you to all the parents and fans that came to watch (and feed) us at away tournaments, and especially we would like to thank our coached for another great season. Without all of you helping the club could not exist, so we do thank you.  We all look forward to another year in the fall.

C Division Champions:

With Fans:

B Division Champions:

See everyone in the fall!

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