Summer 2013, Looking ahead to the Fall semester

Summer has officially hit Lexington. Nationals are over, Schools out, and everyone is getting busy. First of all, congratulations are in order for all of the players who have just graduated  It’s been a great run with you guys and we’ll miss all of you.


2013 Kentucky Mens Volleyball Team at Nationals

We have plans in place to continue our tradition of the alumni scrimmage in the early fall. We hope to see the new and old grads there!  The alumni won last year, but this year the undergrads will step up their game. Watch for dates and info about the scrimmage coming soon.

Even though everyone has gone home for the summer, were still thinking about volleyball. Most players are hitting the sand to keep there skills in check during the hot months. If you’re in Lexington for the summer and want to play check out the all new Bluegrass Volleyball Center in Lexington.


In other news, we have elected a new set of officers. Congratulations to all of them, and we thank them for giving their time. We also need to thank all of the outgoing officers for their hard work.

If you are an incoming or current UK student interested in playing in the fall, feel free to contact our new Club President Jay Hochstetler at (708) 921-1583 for any questions you might have. You can also contact Recruiting Director Jon Wood, (630) 464-9992. Texts or calls are welcome from any one who might be interested. We’ll give you general club info and answer any questions you have about the club.

In addition to recruiting the new officers are revamping the website(s). We’ll be separating out the team page, info, and team news from the Smash tournaments page. Look for updates soon.

See everyone around the sand and in the fall!

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